Say Hello to Realtor Bot. Your personal appointment setter AI assistant

Realtor Bot will engage 24x7 with all of your incoming leads across Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Web Chat

Testimonial from Brenda Tushaus

COO, RE/MAX Results

"Botplan’s Realtor Chatbot automates incoming lead handling and accomplishes two important tasks: 1. It separates out consumers that are ready to transact from those that are just testing the markets, and 2. It sets up appointments with ready-to-transact customers so that our realtors can quickly get in front of them."

Realtor Bot is your own Virtual Assistant

  • 24x7 Available

    Realtor Bot handles all incoming leads across all instant messaging channels, freeing you up to focus on building relationships and occasionally enjoying family dinners.

  • Sets Appointments

    Realtor Bot will set up appointments for you. So all you need to do is show up and simply wow the new customers with your awesomeness.

  • Integrates with CRM

    Realtor Bot integrates with most CRM systems. But if you prefer to simply be emailed the lead information, Realtor Bot can certainly do that.

  • Analytical insights

    Stay ahead of the market by aggregating insights across all of your conversations. Couple your intuition with data to meet customer where they are headed.

Tech savvy millennials desire instant response to their questions.

According to Google's research 60% of incoming leads will take their business someplace else if their questions aren't answered instantaneously. Realtor Chatbot will make sure your hard earned leads don't walk out the door simply because there is no one to speak with them. By engaging each and every lead on instant messengers it will nurture 100% of all incoming leads at all times.


Realtor Bot is everywhere your customers are

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